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fezpo answered your question “coming out of hiding to complain about some things cause that is what tumblr is for lol”

the boys might have been having an off night. also it sounds personal. I’m 24. I screamed, yelled as loud as any 12yrold. soz u didn’t have

I did as well. I always do at concerts. It wasn’t the yelling or the screaming that was annoying, it was the frequency of it. It was incessant. And it just kept reminding me of how out of place I actually was. And, like I said, I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I’m not a teenager anymore. I said in my post, “THE FEELS would be enough to make me scream and go crazy if I was that age” and it would have. My “boyband” that I was obsessed with when I was a teenager was McFly. If I had had the chance to go see McFly, I would’ve freaked. I just really think that, if I do decide to attend another One Direction concert in the future, I really would like to go with people that I can relate to so I don’t feel so “left out” or “out of place”. At the concert on the 25th, the boys had asked the crowd if they should come back next year. This was the first time out of all of their tours that they came to New Orleans. If they do come back, Tumblr bitches y’all HMU so we can meet up and party and go to a 1D concert. I need to chill with someone who can drink and go out after. It will make me so happy.

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coming out of hiding to complain about some things cause that is what tumblr is for lol

One Direction people/fans/whatever you are, this message is for you guys! Please read…

So I wanna know how many of y’all out there are 22 or above and have been to a One Direction show. And here’s why… I would sort of like to conduct a little survey of sorts. Sort of get to know some of your experiences and compare them to my own — and I can’t help but feel like my age has something to do with the way I felt about this show.

So, if you hadn’t already guessed, I went to One Direction’s show on the 25th in New Orleans. In short, I did not have fun. I did not really enjoy myself. And to be completely blunt, I wish I would never have gone. Only because I know I would’ve had a much better time if I had chilled and/or gone out with my friends. And it’s such a bummer because I LOVE ONE DIRECTION. I own all of their albums and listen to their music on the reg.

Ok, so, anyways… the whole show honestly looked like it was all an act. Like I was watching a well rehearsed, painfully structured, robot-like performance. The boys looked miserable. They looked like they didn’t want to be there and were not having fun. Even the things they said sounded incredibly scripted. They didn’t clown around/joke with each other on stage. It felt like, “OK guys, let’s get this shit over with” and it was bumming me out FOR REAL.

Music is such an amazing part of my life, concerts of artists that I truly love are such a dream to me, I try to go to what I can. It just didn’t seem authentic and individual. It seemed produced and mechanical. I don’t know what it was, it just honestly looked like they had all given up and were just going through the motions. Maybe it’s because they were — they’ve been doing the same shows and having to say the same things for months on end.

I will say this though: Harry was the only one who seemed like he was trying. And he was sick — you could hear it in his voice. He kept having to go offstage in between some of the songs. But he would still come out and he would smile and interact with the fans. But even he seemed to slip into the routine and look a bit miserable every now and then.

I just felt so out of place the entire time as well. I did not realize how much of an age gap there is until I was surrounded by teenagers. THE SCREAMING. Before the boys even came on, girls would scream at their perfume ad that played on the big screen. Even when the tour safety instructions that were a recording of the boys would play. And that’s when I really felt like a fish out of water. I do realize that teenage girls are just completely different creatures. I was once a teenage girl and I would’ve creamed my fucking pants if I had One Direction in my teenage years — so I completely understand. I’m just not like that anymore. And I’m glad, trust me… THE FEELS would be enough to make me scream and go crazy if I was that age. But it was just really uncomfortable for me.

I JUST WANNA LET EVERYONE KNOW though, I think those 5 boys are super talented and deserve to be where they are. They all sounded incredible… they looked great… I am not hating on 1D at all. I still love them. So don’t think I’m bashing everyone’s favorite boy band. I’m not. I sort of really feel for them after this because, like I said, the talent is there. I just don’t know if they’re happy with what they’re doing. They just honestly seemed like they would rather be doing something else. And it really makes me wonder if they really want to be doing any of this at all.

So having said all that, all you “mature” ladies (lol like 23 is even that old) out there… what did you think of your concert experience? I wanna know… please reply/send ask/reblog?

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